The Rose of Provence

Adventure, romance, history and fiction meet in this novelette that flies the reader to medieval France. 
The story takes place in the middle of the 1500s, partly in Paris – in the royal court – and partly in the fascinating Provence province. Amrita, the beautiful good witch is the chaperon of Catherine Medici, wife of the royal heir. Catherine finds herself in a difficult situation: her marriage with Henri Valois, prince of Orléans, has been infertile for ten years, while from her husband’s lovers, illegitimate children have been born already. Her infertility further weakens Catherine’s effect on Henri. Anyway, he is wisely influenced by his number-one concubine, Diane de Poitiers, who is twenty years older, but pretty and clever. Amrita – using her magical abilities – tries to help her mistress, while she knows that Diane is jealous of her as well. However, she does not take into account that Michel de Nostredame, the famous plague doctor, turns up in the court, whose heart she broke during her years back in Provence. 
Michel, by throwing his prophetic abilities into the scale, says something to Catherine – the future queen – that she is glad to hear, and something else that strikes her in the heart. However, time justifies everything and Michel will be known to posterity as Nostradamus. 
The doctor discovers the girl’s treasured secret, and Amrita gets into deadly danger, from which even Morgan, the irresistible, mysterious earl is unable to rescue her this time. 
If you have already read “The Golden Panthers” adventure novel, and took a liking to the characters – Amrita and Morgan – you will certainly like this novelette, because this is the prequel of the “panthers”. But, if you started the Amrita Collection with this story, and you are curious about how the life of the protagonists develops nowadays, then read the sequel as well! 
Just like in the case of “The Golden Panthers”, in this story, fantasy and magic merge with real historical figures and places. 
In the e-book, you will find a special gift as well: the recipes of the rose dishes and drinks that are mentioned in the story, and the enticing pictures of the prepared delicacies await you. The unique recipes and the artistic food photos were made available by Monika Halmos, gastronome. 
Enjoy the reading and bon appétit!

Publisher Flower-Power Books
Genre romance/novelette
Format pdf / mobi / epub
File size 1,73M / 2,62M / 1,52M
Language English
Published in 2014

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Flower-Power Books
pdf / mobi / epub
File size
1,73M / 2,62M / 1,52M
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