The Golden Panthers

At the end of 2012, a new era has begun: the dawn of the Golden Age has arisen. However, by making use of the first, still uncertain steps of the nascent world, the Dark Forces try to regain their dominion. 

So the upholders of Light cannot be idle either. Amrita, the beautiful helping witch is entrusted with an important mission: she must find the twins, who were separated and went missing thirty years earlier. They have to break the ever-growing power of the Prince of Darkness with the help of a mysterious and ancient relic. The twins are selected, since they have unusual positive energy, and they can dedicate their talent to the service of mankind with the help of a ritual, performed under a rare planetary alignment. First, in order to achieve their aim, together with Amrita, they have to contend with the Minions of Darkness: the desperate demons, harmful witches and vampires. Furthermore, they also have to decode the mysterious message of the spirit world. 

If it had not been for Kristof, a knowledgeable Hungarian shaman, their mission would be a complete failure. Above all, Amrita has to fight against enemy creatures and constantly contend with her contradictory, unfulfilled love for Morgan, the thousands of years old charismatic vampire. And when she meets an attractive, mortal man, at first, she is unable to decide whether a new emotion can override the age-old, platonic bond. The small team is racing against time, searching for the answers to several questions: why is it important where and when the twins were born? What is the correlation between the picturesque Pilis Mountains, nestled in the middle of Europe, and the constellation Orion? What happened to the people of the sunken empires Mu and Atais, lost in the Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago? What is the message of the ancient stone tablets of Burma? Where is the Desert of Sonorous, and what secret does it hide? Who are the ‘forbidden bloods’? And, of course, whom will Amrita choose? 

While the protagonists have countless adventures by following the clues and traveling half way around the world – including the east coast of the United States, Earl Dracula’s former home, the depth of the snowy, rugged mountains of Transylvania, and the remote exotic places of Burma and China – you will discover the answers. This fast-paced novel blends fantasy and reality, the human world and the supernatural, adventure and romance, the past and the future. The characters, while walking through existing places, discover mysteries supported by history and current research. 

The “The Golden Panthers” is the first volume of “The Dawn of the World” series. It is a cross-genre: an adventure novel interwoven with elements of fantasy, the supernatural, spirituality and romance.

Publisher Flower-Power Books
Genre fantasy/adventure
Format pdf / mobi / epub
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Language English
Published in 2013

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Flower-Power Books
pdf / mobi / epub
File size
849 kB / 920 kB / 366 kB
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