The Golden Panthers reviews

“I must say that the book exceeded all my expectations, and I liked it very much. I think the twin stories are fundamentally attractive, and if we add a wangling red witch, some demons, vampires and wraiths, and we make the heroes travel around the globe in the interest of a good cause, then certainly a good adventure story emerges. I consider this book to be basically an adventure novel, despite the elements of fantasy and imaginary beings.

The storyline at the very beginning, and the description of the separated twins, were so fascinating that I couldn’t put down the book; I read 100 pages at a stretch, whereon only a few books could induce me nowadays. I was worried about Erik and Eszter; I liked the fairytale-like transitions, the timeline shifts, and the incoming supernatural things without a hitch.

This is a fast-paced novel; there is no rest here, something always happens, and the change of the locations just twists the plot further. I loved the book; it is absolutely what it is: a light adventure story, which provides active recreation. 

The author writes very well; she has superb ideas and good storytelling skills, and something, which is very important, great background knowledge. She researches what she would like to write about. I can hardly wait for more of her books to come.”

Pupilla Reads

“I really liked that the chapters – named after the Tarot cards – take place in different times, revealing the past and the present almost in parallel, and that the threads nicely converge at the end. The great charm of the novel – also for those who like other genres – can be a huge amount of exciting information, which you can get hold of while reading the events. I can honestly admit that otherwise I obviously wouldn’t have learned these interesting things.”

Book Heaven