The Golden Panthers

2013-04-21 12:15:00
At the end of 2012, a new era has begun: the dawn of the Golden Age has arisen. However, by making use of the first, still uncertain steps of the nascent world, the Dark Forces try to regain their dominion. So the upholders of Light cannot be idle either. Amrita, the beautiful helping witch is entrusted with an important mission: she must find the twins, who were separated and went missing thirty years earlier. They have to break the ever-growing power of the Prince of Darkness with the help of a mysterious and ancient relic. The twins are selected, since they have unusual positive energy, and they can dedicate their talent to the service of mankind with the help of a ritual, performed under a rare planetary alignment

The Butcher of El Camino

2013-12-29 00:06:00
The view of the Virgin Mary sculpture, standing on the rocks of Orisson peak, was just as picturesque as ever before, but Sarah Green did not even notice it. With her head down, gasping, she was walking by while battling against the wind howling across the plateau. Soon after, she traversed from France to Spanish territory, but she still did not allow herself to rest. She stopped when at last she reached the highest point of the road-section, the Lepoeder Pass. She brushed aside a matted tuft of hair on her forehead, and glanced relieved at her Patek Philippe watch, which was in powerful contrast with her sporty – albeit brand new and quality – hiking clothing, and her sixty-liter rucksack. Before she set out for Kennedy Airport, she nearly unbuckled it from her wrist to leave it on the bedside table, then she changed her mind.

Tales Of Oscar

2014-10-12 19:24:00
The ‘Tales of Oscar’ is about the adventures of a baby tomcat, left alone in a park. He finds a kind girl who becomes his master. He gradually discovers the world of humans, and shines his colorful personality in different situations, but he often gets into trouble. Fortunately, however, Oscar can always handle the challenges with proper humor and wisdom.