About the Author


Susanna Lehner author of The Golden PanthersSusanna Lehner lives in Central Europe, in Hungary. This is the country that gave the world among other things - the Rubik's Cube, the helicopter, Vitamin C and... Zsa Zsa Gabor! She works as a lawyer in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. However, writing has also been an important part of her life, even before her legal studies, then, after graduating from university, she worked as an editor-journalist for years. Currently, she is primarily writing stories in addition to her law career.

In her first novel - The Golden Panthers –, she united her favorite fields of interest: history, mythology, geography, spirituality and adventure. She intends to continue the story of Amrita, Morgan and the others. Her new novel is a mystery crime story, which takes place on El Camino, the ancient pilgrimage route in Northern Spain. Regarding the location, the story is based on the author’s own experiences, since, similar to Shirley MacLaine and Paulo Coelho, she also completed the almost eight-hundred-kilometer-long pilgrimage.