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You may live anywhere, you can be of any age, you may belong to the stronger or the nicer gender, we certainly have one thing in common: the love of reading.

The first novel I read was when I was seven years old, it was one of Cooper’s Indian novels, entitled ‘The Deerslayer’, and it became decidedly clear that adventure novels, enriched with a romantic thread, are going to be one of my favorite genres. Though not only reading attracted me, but writing also. During my adolescence, I wrote a diary. Later, I worked as an editor-journalist for years and then, in the summer of 2011, my first novel, entitled ‘The Golden Panthers’, was born. My new novel, a mystery crime story that takes place on the El Camino pilgrimage route was published in the beginning of October, 2014.

I hope to welcome you among my readers, and I wish you a great time!

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Tales of Oscar

The ‘Tales of Oscar’ is about the adventures of a baby tomcat, left alone in a park. He finds a kind girl who becomes his master. He gradually discovers the world of humans, and shines his colorful personality in different situations, but he often gets into trouble. When the family expands with new members, and a pretty lady cat turns up in his life, he has to face other complications...

Publisher Flower-Power Books
Genre tale
Language English
Published in 2013
  • Ebook


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    £ 1.50
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The Golden Panthers on Smashwords
2013-11-06 10:28:00
You can find the story of Amrita and Morgan also on the Smashwords!

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